Armeftis & Associates was established in October of 1995 in Limassol, Cyprus, offering independent counseling in the field of architecture.


The objective of the Firm is the effective response to the requirements of large projects throughout Cyprus providing State of the Art design in accordance with implementations of technological and scientific advancements and accountability in the services offered. It aims to create outstanding design, devoting time to the understanding of the personal and operational priorities and objectives of the customer, investing in long-term relations while seeking continuously innovative design solutions which create ‘build’ or ‘non-build’ environments that inspire, whether they are industrial offices, spaces of leisure, culture or residence.


The range of projects undertaken vary in type and size and include hotels and holiday resorts, industrial projects, residences, offices, museums, traditional housing etc. Throughout this collective experience, the results of our work are distinguished for the high standards in the design and quality, low maintenance and eco-friendliness.


Armeftis & Associates is organized so as to research a variety of design considerations and recommendations for each individual customer promoting a greater opportunity for the exchange of ideas. We maintain an active and leading role throughout the duration of the design and construction process of the project. We enhance the interaction between all involved professionals in the process of constructing the project by encouraging a collective effort between the contractor, customer and our Firm, aiming to achieve the constructive integrity of the project.


Our team is headed by capable professionals, with a multitude of skills in regards to experience and expertise, thus contributing effectively to the ability of the Firm to undertake a wide diversity of projects. We believe that we are able to meet all prerequisites, while having personal contact knowing that satisfied customers is for us the best investment. Although the effort is to be innovative and sensitive in design we remain an office which is concerned in the final result that is practical and convenient for our clients. So we give great importance to the final study application relating to the construction and finalization details.